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SchedaMix UG

Dohrer Str. 299
D-41238 Mönchengladbach


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Tel.: +49 / 2166 / 262 99 51


Fax.: +49 / 2166 / 262 99 52


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We can offer:


  • "Ready to Coat" formulations for different printable media, paper, canvas, PE, PET, textile,  etc...
  •  Fitting to these formulations we can offer the service to develope / work on formulations until they will "fit"
  •  Single products - additives and formulations fitting to your formulations - e.g.: binder, fixing agants, etc...
  •  De-Foamer for differnt applications with or without Si - organic or in-organic
  •  Powder / soild chemikals for thermal-ppaer and carbonless-paper
  •  Caotings to produce release paper for special applications


We will be happy to answer your questions on specs, applications and other service offers.


Please note thate we can not offer all products for all markets / countries - we will be happy to establish contact with the partner in charge for your country.

Scheda Coat
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SchedaLease SRC-2408
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SchedaLease SRC-2409
TDS SchedaLease SRC-2409 English.doc.pdf
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SchedaDe-Foam 707
TDS SchedaDe-Foam 707 English.doc.pdf
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SchedaDe-Foam 708
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